The most important aspect for a business in this day & age is the way they implement their strategies, how they bring it all together. Our experienced managers make strategic plans that are inspired by insights, analysis, the latest algorithms and learnings around successful campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

Our in-depth analysis covers all the crucial points which often go unnoticed. We study what your competitors are doing and come up with a genuine strategic plan on how to move forward with the largest strides.

Product analysis

We do a thorough product analysis before coming up with any strategy for your brand. Product Analysis would include the study of similar products in the market, their marketing strategy, and customer response. It would also include a price validation of the product.

Market Analysis

Studying the ongoing trends and the trend fluctuation is immensely important for any business. It’s cool if you know your product and your brand, but in order to excel, you need to know the market and what the user wants and desires. At Slick, we make sure that before formulating any strategy, we study the market in great depth to make sure whatever strategy we are forming is in sync with the market realities.

Campaign Planning

Once we have done an in-depth analysis of the market, we would base our campaign on the learning of the analysis. Our campaign would cover all aspects of online and offline marketing.

Marketing Consultation

For brands which are a little tight on budget, we come on board as consultants and guide a brand on which hand to put out first. All the suggestions we provide is only given after studying your product, the market, and the platform.


Getting more than what you paid for is what we strive for, after all, it’s the experience that matters. We spread your money in all social media platforms equally which helps in the betterment of your ROI percentage.

Pricing & Positioning Strategy

If you ever feel unsure about your product or service pricing, we have experts to help you out. We study your competition and come with a pricing plan which makes your brand shine in a unique light, just like it’s supposed to.

Account Managers

As the point of contact, our dedicated Account Managers deal with any query or problem that you may have with the way things are going and will inform you about the campaigns that the team has decided for your brand.