Google AdWords

Yes, Google searches work! And it’s working better than before. As a digital marketing company, it is our duty to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. We do a detailed research on what people from your target segment search for, and build a strategy accordingly.

Facebook Dark Post

This might be unheard of, that’s how underrated this is. It’s similar to Facebook ads, but the one thing that differentiates Dark Posts is its ability to reach your target audience without anyone knowing. Compared to other tools, Facebook Dark Posts have the highest ROI percentage.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is slowly but surely emerging as a cost effective method to promote your brand or service. As a company functioning in this day & age, you need to advertise more on this widely used social media channel, as it still remains relatively untapped.

Twitter Campaigns

Twitter Ad Campaigns are relatively expensive, but a better audience means a better result. If after our research we find that your target audience comprises of mostly Twitter users, we can help create something extraordinary.

Cross Branding

Since we are handling multiple brands, we make sure that brands with similar target audiences get the opportunity to promote each other. This helps both brands in a mutually beneficial manner and can work wonders if done correctly.

Banner Ads

We help get your brand’s banners on popular websites. These websites have a guaranteed footfall, and advertising on such websites can help your brand in garnering a larger and wider audience.