Slick Centre is the state of the art business support centre. It’s important for a business to have an air-tight backend process in order to deal with customer queries, inquires, or complaints. With the best human resource available at a hand’s reach, your business will be up and running 24x7.

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All the business assistance you need

At Slick Centre, your inbound and outbound call/chat service requirements are met exactly how you like it, effortlessly. Being the only business centre in the world that manages, analyses, and provides you insights on your database, it gives us a certain edge over the rest.

Charge back handling services

Consumer Response

Customer Services

Dealer Locaters and Referral Services

Direct Mail /TV Response

Directory inquiry services

Email Management Services

Event scheduling services

Help Desk Solutions

Inbound Sales

Insurance claims processing services

IVR Services

Job dispatch services

Medical Answering Services

Online customer support services

Order entry services

Payment collection services

Product recall management & Technical Information

Real-time inventory status services

Rebate processing services

Registration of event participants & prospects

Sales Lead Qualification and Closure

Scheduling sales demos services

Subscription services

Technical Support

Ticketing sales subscription services

Toll Free Response / Toll Free Services

Virtual Receptionist Services

Warranty registration services

Website Response

why slick

Slick centre helps you in expanding your business’s wingspan with the help of the best possible human resource working to optimise your business processes. Our solutions are customised as per the business and its workings; if no two businesses are the same, why the same solutions?

Professional Call Center Agents

Our skilled professionals have the right experience, skills, knowledge and the technical know-how to handle any customer query and provide technical support.

Advanced Capabilities

Just to keep you above the rest in your domain, we have the most advanced reporting and market testing abilities. Our enhanced market coverage, quick response to market fluctuations, expertise in account management, and remote call monitoring has helped us in being a class apart.

Rich Experience

Our vast experience in addressing the diverse inbound customer support needs of customers across several business verticals has helped us familiarise and normalise every possible on-call scenario.

24/7 Support

Our 24 hours support runs each and everyday so that you never miss a call or query from your customer, even on weekends or holidays.

Sophisticated Technology

Slick Centre is armed with the latest voice and data communication systems which runs on a dedicated internet connection which helps us providing our services 24/7.

High Quality Services

Every process goes through timely and routine checks. Our stringent Quality Assurance (QA) system guarantees swiftly running operations.

Assured Customer Satisfaction

Our group of specially trained inbound support agents manage your customer relationships and answer every query on the first contact attempt. An optimised solution process leads to complete customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and higher percentage of customer retention.

Why Outsource ?

You need to outsource your processes because it helps drastically reduce operational and infrastructural costs. It can also help in achieving higher service quality with dedicated and experienced resources. At the end of all this, your customer is the one who'll be benefiting the most.

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We provide customised and industry specific solutions for your business. Depending on whether you want the services to be customised as per our industry or as per your brand, Slick Centre’s swift wand action makes it all possible.

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