We do an in-depth analysis of all your social channels, which includes doing a full fledged competitor analysis to what your consumers want. Social gives us the opportunity to listen to the consumer and understand what they are saying and want. All our work is driven by the insights we receive.

Monthly Reviews

Get a detailed review of the performance of your social media platform. The review helps in noticing the changes in the way a post performs across all social media channels. This is a very important activity for us as it helps in planning for the upcoming strategy; learning from the past is the best way to plan for the future.

Facebook Analytics

We know analytics can be boring, but we make assure we erase all the unnecessary information and only show you the most relevant data. Numbers are boring, aren’t they? That's why we send reports which contain the crux, no fillers.

Google Analytics

If you are an online brand, knowing how your website is performing is the most important aspect. Marketing will help you get users to your website, but knowing what the user does on your website is crucial in taking things up a notch.

Hootsuite/Hubspot/Other Softwares

We use all the latest softwares available in the market to make sure we are one step ahead, all the time!

Strategic Analysis

With all the data available with us, we make sure all our future planning is done after we have studied it thoroughly. This helps us in pinning down what performs well and at what time, and helps us not waste time trying different things and hammer down on what is working.